Popular Dutch female motorcyclist and YouTuber labeled Pakistan ‘Safe to travel’

Pakistan has long been a target for western media’s negative portrayal of the country. But as the internet becomes a global community where people from all over the world interact each other without any boundaries, the people in the west are slowly realizing that Pakistan is indeed very different from what the news shows them.

A famous Dutch female motorcyclist ‘Nora’ visited Pakistan last year and had one of the most wonderful times of her life while touring Pakistan.

She is amongst the many western tourists who visited Pakistan in 2016-2017 only to find out if what the world says about Pakistan was true.


Upon finishing her tour, Nora who frequently releases motorcycle adventure videos and photos on her social media pages and YouTube had only good words to say about Pakistan.

Nora found plenty of positive reasons to visit Pakistan, but she released her top five reasons to convince other tourists to visit Pakistan and asked them to make the country the top of their lists to visit next year.

Her top five reasons for visiting Pakistan included mountains and incredible views, delicious food, friendly and hospitable people, uncrowded tourist places and safe to travel environment.

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