Pakistan’s first proper theme park set to launch in Karachi on 23rd March

The year 2018 began with a bang for Pakistanis, but for the residents of Karachi and specifically Bahria Town Karachi, there was more good news waiting.

The international standard theme park ‘Bahria Adventura park’ which has been under construction for a couple of years is finally ready to be opened for public use.

In a recent inauguration ceremony of McDonald’s branch inside the soon to be opened Adventura Park, the Bahria Town authorities announced that the park was nearing its completion and will be opening its doors to the public on March 23rd, 2018.

The theme park, which is Pakistan’s first properly themed park will have some of the best rides from around the world that have never been seen before in Pakistan. Rides like a fully functional roller coaster, a great Ferris wheel, water rides and more will be part of the park’s offering.

To make the park as safe as possible for use, the Bahria Town authorities have imported these rides from Turkey, Italy, and Canada. Even architectures from abroad were invited to overlook the construction work of the park.

The theme park will be based on characters and environments taken from Sinbad and Aladdin. Alongside rides and other activities, Bahria Town Adventura will also feature top restaurants of the city ready to serve the attendees of the park.