Pakistani makes a daring new world record by climbing 7,161 meters high mountain without supplemental oxygen

Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara has just made Pakistan proud with his daring feat acquired on Saturday, January 20.

Sadpara, along with his team comprising of climbing partner Alex Txikon from Spain, Pemba Bhote Sherpa and Nuri Sherpa have just climbed Mount Pumori in Nepal without using supplemental oxygen in winters.

Together, they have become the first team in the world to summit 7,161 meters high mountain in the cold weather without using any form of supplemental oxygen. The team finished their daring climb ar around 11:30 AM in the morning on Saturday.

More about Muhammad Ali Sadpara

Muhammad Ali Sadpara hails from Sadpara village, Skardu, Pakistan. Last month he announced that he was to climb the world’s most dangerous peak ‘Mount Everest’ without supplemental oxygen.

Climbing Mount Pumori was just one of his aims for his winter expedition which includes climbing various mountains until Mount Everest is topped.

Sadpara is now in Nepal gearing with his team to summit Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. Mount Everest is so dangerous to climb that even the best mountaineers from around the world struggle to reach the top with supplemental oxygen.

We wish Sadpara the best of luck and hope he gets what he set out to achieve.