Nestle launches world’s first Natural Ruby Chocolate KitKat bars

80 years ago, Nestle introduced white chocolate to the world. Ever since then, there has been no new discovery in chocolate. But last year, Barry Callebaut, a business to business chocolate and & cocoa manufacturer discovered a new type of chocolate which is naturally pink in color when extracted from Ruby cocoa bean.

Now Nestle has signed a deal with Barry Callebaut to exclusively sell Ruby chocolate to the masses. Nestle is using its KitKat brand of chocolate to introduce ruby chocolate to the world and it has chosen Japan and Korea as the first countries to launch the new chocolate.

The ruby chocolate has a unique pinkish hue that has a berry-like flavor which makes it a bit sour yet sweet. Nestle has just launched the first KitKat ruby chocolate bars in Japan and Korea.

The reason Nestle chose Japan to launch the new chocolate is that this is where KitKat earned most of its popularity in the world. In the country, there are already various flavors of KitKat with different colors available. But all of these KitKat flavors are dyed using food color.

The newly launched Ruby chocolate will be the first KitKat chocolate bar that will have a very different natural taste and color. Nestle aims to market ruby chocolate KitKat bars for valentines day. The company wants to make sure that Japan has maximum access to the pink chocolate before the 14th of Feb holiday.

With the launch of Ruby chocolate in Japan and Korea, Nestle now plans to extend its reach to Australia before turning towards the world.

More about Ruby Chocolate

Ruby Chocolate is the fourth type of chocolate after milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. It was discovered last year 80 years after the discovery of white chocolate.

The chocolate was discovered by Barry Callebaut, world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate products. The fourth type of chocolate is called Ruby Chocolate because it was made from the Ruby-Cocoa Bean and has a pinkish hue with a sour and sweet taste.