Lahore’s favorite gaming zone comes to Karachi

Gooline Space which is one of the best video game lounges of Lahore has just opened its first branch in Karachi. In an age where most gamers play video games on the internet, there only a few number of lounges now operating in Pakistan.

But since 2017, the culture of video game cafes is on the rise in Pakistan. This is due to the increasingly expensive PC hardware which is required to play high-end games in Pakistan.

Video game lounges are coming back in business by providing gamers from all walks of life a chance to play their favorite high-end games which are impossible to play at home because of the expensive hardware requirements by these games.



Gooline Space promises to provide gamers high-end systems that can run most Triple-A games smoothly so everyone can get a chance to play their favorite games.

The newly inaugurated Gooline Space branch in Karachi’s upscale Zamzama DHA is proof that there are still hardcore gamers in Pakistan who would do anything to play the latest and greatest of games.

With over 40 gaming PCs in every branch ready to entertain you, Gooline Space is one of the best gaming lounges in the country.

Location of Gooline Space in Karachi

The Karachi branch of Gooline Space is located at 2nd floor, plot 6-c, 8th lane, Zamzama Commercial Phase 5 DHA.