The Islamabad Police now have an official Police song

The Islamabad Police last week launched a new counter-terrorism force in Islamabad comprising of 500 individuals both men and women.

The new Counter-Terrorism Force (CTF) was trained by SSG instructors of Pakistan Army and are fully equipped to respond to terror activities in the city within minutes. The aim of the new force is to strengthen the security of the capital city by preventing and controlling terrorist activities.

To celebrate the launch of the new force, Islamabad Police just released a song which they are calling their ‘official song’.

The new counter-terrorism force has 5 separate teams which will work together in an event of terrorist activities. This force includes a Rapid Field Team consisting of Intelligence field team and investigative team.

The second team of the force includes ‘Specialized field teams’ that will carry tasks like explosive handling, high rise and mountaineering, snipers, amphibious crisis negotiation and more.

Moreover, the remaining teams include Composite Field, Intelligence Field, and Investigation Team.

According to the Islamabad Police, this is just the first batch of the force. More young men and women are being trained to be added to this new force in the near future.