Apple ‘Shocks’ the world by admitting they are intentionally slowing down older iPhones with updates

Apple shocked the world today by admitting that they are indeed using software updates to limit the performance of older iPhones.

The technology giant issued a rare statement to CNN yesterday explaining why people may be experiencing slow and choppy performance on their older iPhones.

It was issued after customers, fans and tech analysists suspected that Apple was slowing down old iPhones with updates.

According to the statement issued to CNN, Apple insisted that the updates on older phones are indeed slowing the phones down but they always had a different goal in mind. They said that the lithium-ion batteries installed on iPhone devices degrade as it is used over time and sometimes can cause the phone to suddenly shut down in order to protect the core components of the phone.

The manufacturer said that the software updates for older iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 are all designed to smoothen out the peak power demands of the device. This prevents the phone from suddenly shutting down and ultimately helps in prolonging the life of the device.

But these upgrades also have a downside – they can lead to disappointing slowdowns and choppy performance on the phone.

Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices

As soon as the statement was released, fans, tech analysts, and customers are extremely angry and a lot of them have already said that they will not be buying any iPhone from now on.

This single statement from Apple has already caused people to move to Samsung, Apple’s biggest smartphone rival.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you still buy iPhone knowing that Apple is deliberately slowing down your phone with updates?