Watch this Pakistani’s risky stunt as he rides his bike under a flying helicopter

Bike stunts naturally come to Pakistanis. Young guys from across Pakistan can often be seen performing death-defying stunts on the roads of Pakistan. Without any proper training or safety gear, some of these young Pakistanis have also met unfortunate ends.

Even with knowing the dangers of pulling such stunts, guys from Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi continue to thrill themselves on the road.

Recently, during the Pakistan Motor Rally 2017, a guy from Quetta ‘Shumail Bhukhari’ tried something that has never been done in Pakistan before. He rode his heavy bike under a flying helicopter and made it look extremely easy.

You can follow Shumail Bukhari through his Facebook profile.

How risky is it to ride under a flying helicopter?

Helicopters are known to produce a very powerful wind force around them especially when their rotor blades are fully functioning and supporting the weight of the craft.

The wind under and around the areas of some helicopters is so strong that it can often knock people back when they are standing directly under or near the copter, especially if they have no professional training.

When riding a bike at high speed under a heavy helicopter, the speed of the wind created by flying helicopter can easily create a force that can cause the rider to lose his/her balance.

But Shumail Bukhari did this stunt with such perfection that it looks as if it has absolutely no risk involved.