British-Pakistani’s Urdu language film on Nazo Dharejo nominated for Oscars 2018

A film based on Nazo Dharejo dubbed ‘Pakistan’s toughest woman’, titled ‘My Pure Land’ by British Pakistani director Sarmad Masud has been nominated for an award at the Oscars 2018.

The film will be competing against Angelina Jolie’s extremely powerful movie about the Cambodian genocide ‘First They Killed My Father’.

Although the official nominees for the award have not been announced by the world’s most prestigious awards show, it is expected that at least 92 other contenders will compete for a position in the nominee list.

The film ‘My Pure Land’ is based on the true story of Nazo Dharejo, the only woman in Pakistan to get the title of ‘Waderi’, a female version of ‘Wadera’ for showing iron will and unbreakable resistance.

Based on a true story

The film showcases the true events of August 2005 when Mukhtiar Naz (aka Nazo Dharejo) fought against 200 armed men who surrounded her house during one summer night.

She fought all night along with her sisters and husbands with a very limited supply of guns and ammunition. She was protecting the property left by her father from the thugs who wanted her to vacant it. She successfully fought them and later took the case to the court and where she made her attackers publically apologize her. 

The film was released in 2017 in Pakistan and UK with Suhaee Abro as the lead.

Tough competition by Angelina Jolie’s Film

The film will be competing against another film based on true events of the Cambodian Genocide. ‘First They Killed My Father’ has already been massively successful in many countries and will serve as a very tough competition for ‘My Pure Land’.