4 Pakistanis made it to Forbes ’30 Under 30′ 2018 List

Forbes has just released its annual ’30 Under 30′ list and four young Pakistanis have made it to the list. This years edition of the list features 30 industry game changers in 20 different industries who are all under the age of 30.

The 2018 edition of Forbes ’30 Under 30′ was the toughest yet list with over 15,000+ nominations for just 600 spots for individuals who are making a difference in their relevant fields. The four Pakistanis that made it to the list are both from Pakistan and of Pakistani origin. Their innovative work and impressive achievements helped them secure a spot on the ’30 Under 30′ list.


Meet the four Pakistanis featured on Forbes 30 Under 30

Sarah Ahmed (Warp + Weft)
Retail & Ecommerce

28-year-old Sarah Ahmed made it to the list under the Retail and E-Commerce category of Forbes ’30 Under 30′. She is the founder of Warp + Weft, a company that is redefining denim jeans. Her company makes jeans from scratch that guarantees the best fit regardless of your size.

In just over a year, Sarah Ahmed’s company has amassed a revenue of more than $2.5 million. She uses her family’s production mills in Pakistan to create her products.

For more details checkout her Forbes Profile and her company Warp + Weft’s website.

S Zayd Enam (Cresta)
Enterprise Technology

25-year old S Zayd Enam made it to the Enterprise Technology category of Forbes ’30 Under 30′ 2018 list. He founded the company Cresta which is a bootstrap startup that works on AI to help improve the quality of customer services. Zayd has also previously worked on the startup MediConnect in Pakistan which is a healthcare platform.

For more details checkout his Forbes Profile and his company Cresta AI’s website.

Khizer Hayat (ThroughPut Inc.)
Enterprise Technology

28-year-old Khizer Hayat made it to the Enterprise Technology Category of Forbes ’30 Under 30′ 2018 list. He is the co-founder of ThroughPut Inc. a company that estimates logistics operations and waste in supply and helps in eliminating bottlenecks by offering recommendations.

In Pakistan, he is also the president of Teach Pakistan Initiative, an NGO that is working to improve the education system of rural areas of Pakistan.

For more details checkout out his Forbes Profile and his company ThroughPut’s website.

Raza Munir (Climb Credit)

29-year-old Raza Munir made it to the Education category of Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list. He is the co-founder of Climb Credit, a startup that is combating student debt through innovative means. His company partners with various schools to offer career paths mostly in skill-based professions.

Till date, the company has provided loans to as many as 5,00 students through 60 different schools and programs.

For more details checkout his Forbes Profile and his company Climb Credit’s website.

More about 2018 Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list

Forbes 30 Under 30 is a set of lists issued by Forbes Magazine every year. The list was launched in 2011. The list picks entrepreneurs under the age of 30 from different industries who are making a difference in their field.

This year’s edition had 20 categories ranging from Art & Style, Consumer Tech, Education, Energy, Enterprise Tech, Finance, Food & Drink, Games, Healthcare, Hollywood & Entertainment, Law & Policy, Manufacturing & Industry, Marketing & Advertising, Media, Music, Retail & E-commerce, Science, Social Entrepreneurs, Sports and Venture Capital.

This year Forbes worked with 68 A-list judges to pick the candidates from 15,000+ nominations. The staff at Forbes first sorts through these nominations and then sends them off to 50+ expert staff reporters and editors who then work with these judges to select people for the list.

The 2018 edition of ’30 Under 30′ was so tough that it had an under 4% acceptance rate which is harder to get into if compared to most selective colleges like Harvard and Stanford.