2 Feet tall Pakistani teen dreams to build a bike for his size so he can ride it with his ‘dream girl’

He may be just 2 feet tall, but 16-year-old Muhammad Faisal from Karachi has just as big dreams as any of us. The tiny teen works as a mechanic at his father’s vehicle repairing shop and has always been passionate about motorbikes.

Due to his height, Faisal is unable to ride any motorbikes that are typically available in the market and there are no bikes tailor-made for his size. But the bike-loving teen has not given up on hope. Instead, he is honing his bike repairing skills with hopes of building a bike one day that he can ride.

I’m extremely fond of bikes, especially the heavy ones. But my height doesn’t allow me to ride one. When I sit on any of the bikes, my hands can’t reach the handle and my feet won’t touch the ground. – Muhammad Faisal

He says that he is working extremely hard day and night to improve his skills and learn the ins and outs of bike engineering so one day he can build one for himself and take it out for a ride with his dream girl.

I am working hard to improve my skills and learn how to properly fix bikes. Once I have learned all that, my next step would be to make one for myself so I can go on a ride every day with my dream girl

Muhammad Faisal has somewhat become a very popular mechanic in his hometown of Jamhoria Colony, Karachi. People from far and wide especially come to get their bikes fixed by him.

Adopted and not accepted in School

Faisal has seen a fair bit of hardships in his life. He was adopted by Muhammad Sagheer after he found out that the child was completely neglected by his family. Although Sagheer wanted him to join a school, no one would accept him.

Muhammad Faisal’s mother died and his father remarried and now lives with his new wife and 3 kids.

No one would take care of him at home. Even his own family mocked him every day. I adopted him in 2006 after I found out that he was not been given the love he deserved. I am now very happy to see that he has found fun and passion in what he does. I am a proud father. – Muhammad Sagheer, Father. 

Sagheer continues to help Faisal improve his skills so that one day he may finally build a bike that fits his size.