Strings have just announced their departure from Coke Studio

Strings are pretty much Pakistan’s only veteran band left that is still producing music and have a huge fan base. For the past four years, the band has been involved in producing music in Coke Studio ever since Royal Hayat gave up his position after the 6th season of the popular music show.

They have just announced their departure from Coke Studio as producers through their official Facebook account. This has left many people shocked while others believe it’ll help Coke Studio come back to what it was in the Royal Hayat era.

The message from the band last night read:

Coke Studio Season 10 will be the last season produced by Strings. It has been a fantastic journey for us over the course of 4 seasons and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and share our work with all of you.

2018 will mark 30 years of Strings and we are super excited to celebrate with all of you so stay tuned for more updates as we embark on yet another exciting chapter in our musical journey!

Strings and Coke Studio Season 10 controversies

Strings were widely criticized for their production in the 10th season of Coke Studio. The 10th season failed to impress the audiences and many believed that Strings was behind the lackluster performances of season 10.

It began with the public widely criticizing the rendition of Junoon’s ‘Sayonee’ with a couple of more performances in the show. Another issue was later highlighted where many believed Coke Studio was giving chances to people who did not deserve to be on such a prestigious platform. Strings were allegedly blamed for featuring artists that were attached to big names in the industry.

Despite being unable to fill the gap Royal Hayat’s departure from Coke Studio left, Strings were still able to produce some great music through the last four seasons. Here are some of their best numbers.

What’s next for Strings and Coke Studio?

There is no telling what Strings will do next but fans are hoping that they will start producing their own music.

As far as Coke Studio is concerned, they have yet to announce who will be producing the show from now on. A lot of fans are hoping that Royal Hayat will make a return.