RS. 3,000 video games on Steam are now RS. 1,000 or less in Pakistan

Pakistani video gamers rejoice! Steam has just introduced region-specific pricing in Pakistan that can change the very face of the gaming community in the country.

Region-specific pricing means that games on steam will now be priced at a different rate than from origin country. In simple words, this means that games in Pakistan will now be massively discounted.

For example, a typical Triple-A title in the U.S goes for $60 (approximately RS. 6,000). From now on, games that support region prices will allow these Triple-A titles to go for as low as $29.99 (approx. RS. 3,000).

The new pricing has already taken effect. Today marked the released of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War which costs $60 in U.S but in Pakistan it is being sold for $29.99. Similarly, other games have received a huge price drop in the Pakistani region with games going as low as $10 (approx. RS. 1,000).

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War price on U.S. Steam store $59.99


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War price on Pakistani Steam store $29.99

Massive discounts on big games in Pakistan

Although the list of region-specific games is limited at the moment on Steam, from now on many new games will be specifically priced for Pakistan.

The price of the game is usually decided by the developers when they release the game. And there are many developers who release games cheaper in many different territories. Currently, Pakistan is in the South Asian territory which includes India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and more.

To check whether your favorite game has received a price drop in Pakistan, simply visit Steam and search for your game.

You can compare prices by visiting Steam region price checker.

How do buying legal games help Pakistani gamers?

For years Pakistani gamers have pirated games through many different means. But what a lot of people don’t know is that buying legal games can actually be very beneficial for you and your region. For example, with legal games, you can play every game with your friends on the internet. Through pirated copies, this isn’t possible.

As more and more Pakistanis start to buy legal games, this would actually allow them to set servers nearby our location. This means that we’ll be able to play online games with lesser lag and smoother gameplay.

With Steam introducing region specific prices that are now more affordable than ever, a lot of us will be able to afford legal video games.