Pakistan’s Biggest Motor Rally from Gilgit to Gwadar has just kick started

The motor rally that was being organized by the Pakistan Army just kicked off on the 21st of October from Khunjerab pass. The rally is being held to honor and celebrate the 70th independence day of Pakistan and will last 10 days before it finishes.

The huge rally started from Khunjerab Pass and will head down to Gwadar crossing Islamabad, South Waziristan, Quetta, and Karachi on its way. This is as many as 3,000 kilometers in distance.

The rally has more than 500 bikes, 300 jeeps and 150 vintage cars taking part in it. These motorheads come from 23 different motor clubs around Pakistan to celebrate peace and Pakistan.

Pakistan Army as it’s the main organizer has made sure that all security arrangements are taken care off. As the rally progresses through Pakistan, several other motor clubs around the country are equally taking part by putting up various car shows all over the country.

A separate section of the rally also started its journey from Lahore. Many cars and bikes from Lahore were seen crossing both the GT road and Motorway.

Cover Photo: Express Tribune