PAK Army wins gold medal at the Cambrian Patrol 2017

Pakistan Army has yet again won a gold medal at the yearly global military challenge ‘Exercise Cambrian Patrol’ held in the United Kingdom.

This is the fourth time the army of Pakistan has emerged with a gold medal from one of the biggest military challenge events in the world. The Cambrian Patrol tests the self-restraint, initiative, physical continuance, strength and aptitude of the troops taking part.

Previously Pakistan Army has secured gold at the same event in the years 2010, 2015 and 2016.

This year more than a thousand troops took part in the challenge. There were as many as 28 global armed forces in the challenge including the British Army.

The 59 Punjab (LAT) represented the Pakistan Army at this year’s Cambrian Patrol. 131 different teams from across the world including teams from Georgia, Switzerland, Albania, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Lithuania, Chile, Brazil, Pakistan, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Ireland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Ukraine, Spain and France took up the challenge.

Pakistan received the gold medal for being the most professional, toughest & battle-hardened army in the world.

More about Exercise Cambrian Patrol

Exercise Cambrian Patrol is the world’s biggest and toughest military patrolling exercise that puts its participants through an 80 KM course which has to be completed within 48 hours. Throughout the course, the military teams are expected to go through many different military exercises.

The terrain and environment of the setting are always very tough. It is held in the Cambrian Mountains throughout the swamps of mid-Wales.

This exercise tests the courage, physical endurance, self-discipline, leadership and determination of the participant teams. The teams that excel in these are awarded a gold medal.