These insanely mesmerizing photos of Pakistan will take you to another dimension

A photograph, when taken properly, can tell many different stories depending on the angle of the photographer. There are many professional outdoor photographers in Pakistan who take amazing shots of our country to show its natural beauty and culture.

While most of these photos are great to look at, they’re mostly showing the image naturally. One passionate photographer from Lahore decided to add extra colors to his shots and the results are simply amazing.

Umer Khalid, a Microsoft Certified Professional has a passion for traveling and photography. While he doesn’t explain himself as a professional photographer his photography skills are quite self-explanatory from the shots he takes and the colors he adds to the photo.

The results are completely out of this world. The way Umer adds colors in his photos breathes a new life to places in Pakistan that we are all too familiar with. He uploads his photos on his Instagram page appropriately titled ‘Tasveer Kahani’.

More about Umer Khalid

Umer Khalid is a Microsoft Certified Professional living in Lahore. He is a photographer by passion and loves to travel.

Umer started his blog Picshich in 2011 and since then has been taking various images of Pakistan as he travels around the country.

His Instagram page ‘Tasveer Kahani’ actively produces amazing shots of the country. Be sure to follow him on his Instagram and Facebook Pages.