Halloween comes to Lahore in Emporium Mall

Holloween is amongst many western festivals gaining popularity in Pakistan and an increasing number of people entertain themselves by going to Holloween parties across the country dressed up as their favorite spooky or non-spooky characters.

Horror-themed parties have during Holloween have become a norm in Pakistan and the costume and prank business is also on the rise. Many local businesses and restaurants in Pakistan appropriately dress for special Holloween themes that catch the eyes of many visitors and consequently increases their sales.

This year, just like any other year from the recent past, many local businesses are putting up Holloween decorations and are throwing small parties and events. Emporium Mall is just one of these many businesses that are throwing a little Halloween event.

If you have kids and want a bit of fun, head over to Emporium Mall starting October 27 to October 31 to take part in fun-filled activities under the Holloween theme. The event is open to everyone and is kid friendly. Parents and kids are encouraged to go in one of their favorite costumes.

Location of Emporium Mall Holloween Event

The Holloween event will take place within the walls of Emporium Mall. If you are visiting from outside Lahore, here is how to get there.