Zaid Ali Gets Married

Pakistani Canadian and YouTube sensation, Zaid Ali just tied the knot in his home city. He made the announcement of his nikkah through social media on the 20th of August.

Being hugely popular with the internet generation of Pakistan, his fans eagerly waited to see his partner, but the YouTube/Facebook celebrity did not release any pictures from his functions or of his wife until after almost a week.

When he announced he was getting married, a lot of his fans did not believe him because Zaid Ali had previously done a prank where he announced he had gotten engaged to someone complete with a picture. But turns out, it was only an April Fools joke.

Zaid Ali wedding pictures and videos

But this time, this is no joke. After almost a week of his marriage, Zaid Ali has finally revealed several photos and videos from his Nikkah, Baraat, and Walima. His friends and colleagues, Sham Idrees also released a couple of videos and photos from attending his functions.

This is proof enough that Zaid Ali has actually married this time.