Youngest American to travel every country in the world ranked Pakistan 5th

Cassandra De Pecol has just become the first American woman to travel every single country in the world. According to her, this isn’t the only record she has broken through her journey.

When Cassandra finished her ‘Expedition196’ journey, she broke four Guinness World Records including:

  • The first documented woman to travel every country in the world
  • The first American woman to travel to every country in the world
  • The youngest American to travel every country in the world (aged 27)
  • The fastest person to travel every country in the world (18 months 26 days)

Cassandra Ranked Pakistan 5th out of 196 countries in the world

After completing her journey, Cassandra also released a list of countries she loved to travel the most. Pakistan was ranked 5th in her list of countries that she would recommend to travel to.

Surprisingly, her documentation of Pakistan seems to be missing any mention of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Where as most westerners remember Pakistan mostly for its beauty that lies in the northern regions, the hospitality of the people and of course the food.

Cassandra’s Top 10 countries to visit complete list

Here’s her full list of top ten countries she visited. Cassandra also added a few lines with each country to help others know why they should visit the country.


To be immersed in the remote wilderness and to ride the wild horses.

2. Bhutan

To learn the ethics of peaceful living.

The pilgrimage [to Paro Taktsang] was something out of Avatar, a dream to trek through low-hanging clouds with a harrowing drop at any given moment on either side.

Prayer flags swayed through the pines, prayer wheels spinning in the breeze, and tsa-tsas (ashes of the dead) wedged between crevices of stone.

3. Maldives

To see some of the bluest water, whitest sand and most stunning sand banks in the world.

4. Vanuatu, South Pacific

To experience the process of how Kava is made and to meet some of the kindest people

5. Pakistan

To get a true sense of raw, authentic Asian culture, and for the food.

6. Oman, Arabian Peninsula

To immerse yourself in the desert and mountains, while learning from locals who live in the mountains, it’s a whole different lifestyle.

7. Tunisia, North Africa

To experience northern African culture with a Middle Eastern feel and an immense amount of archaeological history.

8. Peru, South America

The Amazon rainforest and Aguas Calientes [gateway to Machu Picchu].

9. Costa Rica, Central America

Monkeys, fresh fruit, good music and volcanoes…need I say more?

10. USA

Fall in New England is something everyone should experience.

They say home is where the heart is, and the more I travel, the more that’s becoming more real to me.

Home is where family is, it’s where my safety net is, it’s where everything that I’m familiar with is, and my country is rich in nature, which is important to me

Here are a couple of images from her travels.