Yayvo Sold A PS4 for an astonishingly low price of RS 16,120

Keeping the legacy of staying ahead of other online shopping stores, Yayvo.com once again becomes the social trend in Pakistan by introducing #WhatThePrice.

It is a unique idea of selling product, and for the first time in Pakstan, Yayvo.com has launched it. Through this, customers will decide the final price of the product by tweeting about it. So, more the people will tweet about #WhatThePrice, the actual price of the product will be dropped depending on the no of tweets by people.

#WhatThePrice becomes Bored Topic on Twitter

#WhatThePrice was a successful hit on the Twitter. It was one day campaign, which was started at 11:00 AM and ended at 5:00 PM and the product was announced on the day of the event.  Within the 1st hour of the campaign, #WhatThePrice received 200 Retweets and campaign ended with 821 retweets, which lead it to become the 3rd trending topic on Twitter.

For #WhatThePrice campaign Yayvo.com selected PS4 500 GB product and announced it with the actual price of Rs 32,500 and later its price was reduced to Rs 16,120/- due to the overwhelming response of people.

Idea Behind #WhatThePrice

The ideology behind #WhatThePrice was to empower customers by giving price control factor into their hands. Now they will decide the actual price of the product by retweeting about it.

Yayvo.com took the step and facilitated online shoppers with the lowest price offering on the product via #WhatThePrice.

Top 3 Tweets of #WhatThePrice were


PS4 was just dropped by Rs 10,000 and people were waiting to place an order.

Surely, it was a big Tabdeeli where now buyers will decide the price.

Well, it was just a 1st episode of #WhatThePrice and more episodes are yet to come with more exciting products. So, don’t forget to subscribe and keep visiting #WhatThePricefor next announcement. In other words, you can also call it Digital Bargaining where you will set your price with just a Tweet.