The boxer Amir Khan and his wife just divorced in a very public & nasty way on twitter

The recently chaotic relationship between Pakistani-British Boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Mukhdoom has come to an end in a very unexpected and shocking way. The two exchanged several tweets over Twitter which resulted in a verbal fight full of abuse and hate for each other.

Amir Khan started by announcing that he and his wife have finally agreed to split. He then accused her of cheating him over Anthony Joshua and even called her a Gold Digger. Check out the tweets below:

Aamir Khan Tweets

Faryal Makhdoom Tweets Back

Just a few minutes after Amir’s tweets, Faryal Makhdoom immediately replied back and didn’t hold back. She said Amir was accusing other boxers because his own career was going down and told him to man up.

She also revealed that she has been paying the house bills and as well as her daughter’s expenses while Amir messed about.

She also claimed that Amir has always been around other women and consumes alcohol regularly. She said that she gave her marriage a 100% while Amir never really cared.

Faryal also accused Amir of being with a prostitute in Dubai while calling her a cheater.


How did it come to this?

Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom have been making headlines for a couple months when the wife went public on Twitter and announced that Amir’s family was harassing her in her home. Ever since then, Amir Khan parted ways with his family to keep his marriage intact.

But today, he posted a tweet accusing Faryal of cheating him for Anthony Joshua. He even tweeted a Snapchat conversation claiming that it was between his wife and Anthony.

The couple was doing fine five days ago. They even uploaded a picture together at an ice bar in Dubai. They also spent the 27th of July together celebrating the 26th birthday of Faryal together. Both of them posed together for a photo and Amir uploaded it on his Twitter paying tribute and wishing his wife lots of love and Happiness.



30-year-old Amir has a three-year-old daughter with Faryal. Even though he has publicly announced that he and his wife are getting divorced, it is still not official. We are still waiting for an official announcement regarding the tweets.