Amir Liaquat to join newly launched Hum News by Hum Network?

Dr. Amir Liaduat Hussain announced his resignation from Bol Network last night during the live transmission of his popular but controversial show ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’. The show was also part of the special Independence day transmission aired by Bol on 14th August.

From how it seems, even the channel was not expecting the surprising announcement from the anchor.

During the transmission, he started talking about being divided and saying that he may have made a mistake. He also said that he is amongst those people who admit their mistakes.

Following this, the anchor said that it is his last day on Bol and that the viewers will never see him on Bol News again.

Before he could finish his announcement, the live transmission was cut off leaving a feeling that he had some sort of a disagreement with the channel.

Hum News Launches on 14th August

Amir’s resignation from Bol Network and the launch of Hum Network’s Hum News channel has sparked a thought that the popular anchor may now be eyeing to join the newly launched channel.

The timing is too perfect for the people to not think about this possible move.

Hum Network announced the inclusion of a news channel after its board of directors had approved the idea. Now the channel is currently hiring anchors, news reporters, and other staff before the channel goes live.