Aamir Liaquat goes international with his clothing line

Just a couple of weeks ago, Aamir Liaquat announced he was quitting BOL News during his live television show ‘Aisay Nai Chalay Ga’. Afterwards, series of rumours and speculation began that he was joining the newly launched Hum News.

The timing of his departure from BOL News and the launch of HUM News was enough to spark this speculation that he would be joining the new channel. But now we know what he is actually up to and the reason why he might have quit the channel in the first place.

Aamir Liaquat seems to be busy focusing on his clothing line ‘Aamir Liaquat Aik Pechan’. Just yesterday, the celebrity anchor published a series of tweets on his Twitter account showing the launch of his clothing brand in Dubai. His clothing line already has a strong presence in Karachi.

Aamir has just launched a new outlet in Karama, Dubai. The launch ceremony was attended by the locals and as well as Pakistani’s living in Dubai.

During the entire event, his Twitter account was very actively sharing what was going on at the location. For those of you who are living in Dubai, you can visit his new store at Kuwait St, Dubai near the Karama Centre Shopping Mall.