Pakistan Post Office finally launches UMS Cash On Delivery services to compete with TCS

Pakistan’s e-commerce is flourishing at a significant rate ever since the concept of e-commerce was first introduced in the country. Now more and more e-stores are opening their doors for Pakistani’s to shop over the internet.

As the e-commerce market rapidly grows, so does the need of transporting goods from one place to another. When e-commerce got recognized in Pakistan, courier services quickly realized that there was tons of business to be made in the form of Cash On Delivery. And hence services like TCS, DHL, Leopards Courier and more quickly offered affordable COD services.

Even though Pakistan Post had COD services in place, it was not on par with their competitors. Hence things need to be changed at the organization and Pakistan Post has finally taken the step to upgrade their COD services.

Introducing UMS COD Services

UMS COD which stands for Urgent Mail Service Cash On Delivery will ensure orders will get to their customers faster and in a more secure way. The UMS COD service will come complete with a tracking code so the customer can check where their order currently stands.

Pakistan Post will now be offering UMS COD services for not only online megastores, but also for those who run a small business from their home. The rates of UMS COD are as follows:

According to Pakistan Post, following rules and regulations will also be followed when availing COD services:

  1. Packets, parcels and printed papers prepaid with postage of UMS fee may be transmitted by the inland post as COD articles, provided that the amount specified for remittance to the sender in the case of any such articles does not exceed Rs. 100,000/- (Rupees One Hundred Thousand Only).
  2. The UMS-COD articles up to the value of Rs. 50,000/- will be the maximum limit for collection and payment of UMO at the doorstep of the addressee.
  3. The UMS-COD articles exceeding the value of Rs. 50,000/- uptoRs. 100,000/- will be delivered at the window of the designated Post Offices in the manner prescribed for Ordinary Money Orders.
  4. The limit for payment of UMO other than UMS-COD will remain unchanged.

How will this benefit online stores and customers?

Pakistan Post is one of the biggest postage and courier companies in Pakistan. With them introducing UMS COD, it can only mean that other private courier services will now have tough competition. And with more competition, it not only means that the prices of COD may go down, but customers will also get better services in form of their packages being delivered quickly and carefully with tracking codes.