Everything you need to know about Shaan’s upcoming movie Arth

Shaan is all set and gearing up for his next film, Arth. Arth is being speculated as a remake of the iconic 1982 film by Mahesh Bhatt.

Shaan is writing and directing the movie and is taking it to a more contemporary and modern look as opposed to the original. The production team just released several posters which give the viewers a first look at the film.

The posters themselves show how far the film is being taken from the original with its modern look. The tag line from a couple of posters of the film which read ”Decisions Determine Destiny” vaguely hint at the plot.

While this is just a picturesque first look at the film, Arth writer, director, and leading star Shaan has confirmed the teaser trailer will be released on the 7th of July.

Arth Plot Synopsis

Currently, the producers of the film have not revealed the plot of the movie. But it is widely being speculated that the film could be a remake of 1982’s Arth, which could mean that it will loosely follow the plot of the original Romantic/Drama film.

Arth Cast and Crew

Arth is being written and directed by Shaan Shahid. It will feature music by Sahir Ali Bagga and cinematography by Luke Rocheleau. The film will be published by ARY Films. The confirmed cast of the film includes:

  • Shaan Shahid
  • Mohib Mirza
  • Uzma Hassan
  • Humaima Malick
  • Yasir Hussain

Arth Release Date and Teaser

According to the recently released posters of the film, it will be released across Pakistan in December 2017. According to Shaan, the teaser of the film will be released on the 7 July.

More About 1982’s Arth by Mahesh Butt

The 1982 Arth followed the story of a filmmaker who has an extra-marital affair with one of the actresses he worked with. He decides to leave his wife for the actress and then the film follows the woman as she searches for her identity.

Mahesh Bhatt also commented on the supposedly remake saying:

Shaan sahib is remaking a film that I started my career with, and that makes me very happy. I am very keen to see how he will interpret it. Every filmmaker has his own worldview, and he has complete freedom to reinterpret it however he wishes.

You can watch the complete original film on YouTube.