Ali Noor reveals his secret villain role in this new Pakistani animated feature film

Ali Noor from the popular rock/pop band Noori recently started his vlog to for his fans and lovers to show how he spends his life.

When he started his Vlog, people thought that Ali Noor had quit his career but he was secretly working behind the curtains on a new project. Today, in a new video blog, he revealed that he has been secretly providing his voice for a new 3D animation featured film by 3rd World Studios.

In his latest video post, Ali revealed that he will be playing the villain in the upcoming ‘untitled’ animated film.

He is currently in Islamabad working with the studio to provide his voice for the antagonist in the film.

More about 3rd World Studios

3rd World Studios is a team of very creative people formed last year in Islamabad headed by Uzair Zaheer Khan who is a veteran of the animation industry in Pakistan. The new studio was exclusively formed to produce animated films for Pakistan cinema and they are currently working on the pre-production of their first feature length film.

Speaking to the media, Uzair revealed that their new film is an epic tale of friendship featuring a boy who can speak to animals. The story celebrates mother nature and has a powerful narrative that will explore the tale of forgotten relationship of men with nature of the world.

The film will also feature Natasha Humera Ejaz in a leading role. She will also be working on the official soundtrack of the film.

Although the name of the new feature film has not yet been revealed, Ali Noor did provide a hint by calling it ‘Allahyar and the legend of Markhor’. He also said that it is going to change a lot of lives.