This restaurant in Islamabad takes orders in sign language

A restaurant in Islamabad is setting a trend by changing the perspective common folk has about the people with special needs. Instead of having a normal person take orders and serve a customer at the counter, Abey Khao, a recently opened restaurant in Islamabad chose only to work with special needs people.

The staff at the counter who take your order are unable to hear or talk and can only take your orders in sign language. Abey Khao believes that if they can learn our language, we should be able to learn their language too so that they don’t get the feeling of being left out of the society.

In order to help you communicate, a large board has been placed on the side of the counter which teaches you how to communicate in sign language. Every alphabet in sign language is written on the board which makes it easy for the customer to communicate with the order.

Besides that, Abay Khao is also offering food at shockingly low prices. A typical Iftaar deal for a couple of people costs just RS. 300. The food is also actually quite good to taste as described by people who have already been there.

Abey Khao is located in the Mughal market of I-8/1 Islamabad.