A Morgan Freeman portrait by this 17 year old Lyari teen will blow you away

They say talent is God-given. A teen from Lyari area of Karachi who goes by the name Jawad Baloch is definitely a perfect example of this. At only 17 years of age, when most other teens are still busy studying, Jawad is wowing the world with his incredible talent for painting highly accurate and beautiful portraits of celebrities.

Jawad is currently employed at his own father’s painting shop in Lyari, an area that is notorious for crime and other negatives. He currently helps out his dad Jan Muhammad by helping create portraits at their small shop located at Moosa Lane in Lyari.

What’s so special about this kid is that he has only completed his matriculation but has a talent that rivals even the best in the industry.


He is living a hard life but from his portraits, it’s hard to believe that he still manages to create portraits with highest accuracy and details.

Jawad recently created a portrait of the famous Hollywood star Morgan Freeman. Umme Kulsoom, an RJ on FM 100 captured a photo of his portraits and uploaded it on Art Culture Society page on Facebook. Ever since his photos are going viral all over the Pakistan.

Jawad started at a very early age and his inspiration and teacher were his father. He has about 5 years of experience in creating art pieces. Just look at some of the work he has done, you’ll be surprised to see the attention to detail he puts out in his work.

Jawad Baloch is an inspiration to all kids out there that have a talent. If you have a talent for something, start using it today no matter what kind of circumstances you are going through in your life. If you’ve got what it takes, you can shake the world.

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