Lahore now has air conditioned bus stop thanks to Haier Pakistan

As the heat index in Pakistan is reaching its record high this summer, everyday citizens are suffering from a lot of troubles when they are out and about. With Ramadan being observed, the need of finding shade out in the open becomes a bare necessity to survive the scorching heat.

Haier recently started a goodwill campaign where they announced to launch fully air-conditioned bus stops for the public that will also serve as a shade for ongoing citizens. The bus stop also provides cold drinking water facility!

The first air-conditioned bus stop was launched today in the Cantt area of Lahore with more to come. The CEO of the company, Mr. Javed Afridi has confirmed that the company will be expanding its air conditioned bus stops to not only cater the people of Lahore but to other regions in the country as well.

Although Air conditioned bus stops are new to Pakistan, this isn’t the first time we have seen the likes of them.

Just last month Daikin AC marketing campaign in India launched similarĀ air-conditioned bus stops in the city of Delhi as pictured below.