Jazz ‘No Issue Lay Lo Tissue’ was originally made for World T20 2016!

The ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad by India which has mocked Pakistan time and time again was not to be left unanswered by Pakistani ad agencies. When Pakistan finally won against India in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017’s final, the time had finally come to reply the ‘Mauka Mauka’ campaign with an ad campaign of our own. This is when Jazz, one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunication company released the #NoIssueLayloTissue ad which was a direct reply to the Mauka Mauka ad.

Apparently, the #NoIssueLayloTissue was created 1-2 years back

But did you know that the no issue laylo tissue ad was made around a year back? At least a couple of people suggested this in a few recent posts on a Facebook that the ad was made a while back and that the company was only waiting for the right time to release it. One of these posts also came from a team member who created the ad for Jazz.

The way a low-quality version was leaked during the match and then officially released by Mobilink makes sense as well as probably some team member posted it when they thought Pakistan will win!

Where did it all begin? The first and original Mauka Mauka ad

During the World Cup 2015, India had created a campaign #MaukaMauka to set the stage for the Pakistan Vs India match in the world’s biggest cricketing tournament. The campaign went insanely viral in India and around the world.

The ad was cashing on the fact that Pakistan had never won against India in a world cup and hence it showed a Pakistani cricket fan and dad waiting for Pakistan to finally have their ‘Mauka’ against India and win their match. But alas, Pakistan had failed once again to beat India.

The campaign was then extended with several other ads that went on to appear in other tournaments too such as the ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad made for World Twenty20 in 2016.

One of the most viral ad in Pakistan History

The Jazz #NoIssueLayloTissue ad since it’s release has broken the internet and has gone insanely viral in Pakistan and around the world. The ad so far has secured 7.4 million views from just a single source on Facebook.

And of course, other Pakistani celebrities also couldn’t wait for an opportunity to send out a reply to Mauka Mauka. Faisal Qureshi made a short video in response to the ad too.

Even the Pakistani captain Sarfraz Ahmed couldn’t hold back. The captain was seen singing the song with thousands of his fans lined outside his house in celebration.