Here’s how you can help the needy with a single Tweet this Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims. In this month, Muslims are required to go out of their comfort zones and fast for Allah and look out for the needy. The month itself is a great opportunity for the common folk to look after those who are needy. If you aren’t already sharing your wealth with the needy this year, you’ve got a great opportunity to help an excellent cause that is.

Adam Jee Life has just started a noble cause in the form of a social media campaign known as #FillThePlate. It is an excellent initiative by the company that provides a full meal to the needy every time you tweet using the hashtag #FillThePlate.

Unfortunately, as a developing country, many Pakistani’s are barely able to meet ends and most of them go to sleep while being hungry. Adamjee Life’s campaign ensures that at least one less needy goes to sleep feeling hungry in this month.

They have set up camps and are providing iftaar for the need at Edhi Homes and Saylani Welfare Centers across the nation. Roadside camps have also been set to help anyone on the road get fed with a full meal package.

The campaign will keep running throughout Ramadan and all you need to do to become a part of it is to share a tweet with the hashtag #FillThePlate.