This Karachi Pizza Place is now offering Nihari Pizza!

In a never ending war of Pizza eatery vs. Pizza eatery for glory and fame, some Pizza places go beyond the norms to capture the attention of Pizza lovers. And the only way you can actually attract a new pizza lover to try yours is by showing him/her something unique in terms of flavor and the actual bread.

We have come across some very interesting and unique flavors in Pizza such as the prawn pizza, the chocolate pizza and the mac and cheese pizza. But nowhere in our senses, we thought that this was the pinnacle of experimental flavors.

A Karachi pizza eatery just broke all records of introducing the weirdest flavor combination ever. They have come up with a Nihari pizza!

Yep, it all started with Auzee pizza, a recently opened pizza restaurant in Karachi teasing its fans with a pizza bread and a plate of nihari asking them to guess what new flavor was coming to their pizza bar.

What seemed like a joke or a just a survey-ish type question turned out to be a reality when Auzee actually did add a Niahri pizza to their menu, calling it a perfect blend of spices on a pizza ideal for the desi food lover.

We’re not sure what to say about the flavor but it has sure caught the internet by surprise. Have you tried their nihari pizza yet? Let us know if it was yay or nay in the comment section below

But apart from being adventurous, Auzee pizza definitely does have some very nice things to try, have a look below.