Apple releases series of mini adverts encouraging people to switch to iPhone

With Android user base still going strong as opposed to Apple, the Mac/iOS giant has unleashed a series of mini adverts targeting people to switch to the iPhone from an Android device.

The campaign is much similar to the iconic adverts that compared Microsoft Windows performance with Apple’s Mac OS, only this time Android is on the other side. Although the ads never specifically mention Android vs. iOS, it is pretty evident that Android is the only operating system barricading¬†Apple’s way to success.

The new tiny adverts ranging from 12-16 seconds were released on YouTube on Monday. Each ad focuses on a single issue such as performance, speed, security, privacy and transferring data. The message remains the same, however; iPhone offers a better experience and you should switch.

Here are the videos specifically targeting one issue at a time:

Move your music

Privacy matters

Performance comparison

Making the switch to iPhone in general

Moving your photos

Moving contacts

Smoother performance

Better Security

To persuade Android smartphone users, Apple has also unleashed a new page on its website which answers questions like ‘will it be easy to switch to iPhone? and will iPhone be easy to use? After all these common questions are answered, the user is pointed to a page where they can buy the iPhone.

To make the switch as smooth as possible, Apple has also released a ‘move to iOS’ app which basically collects all data from your Android and makes it ready to be transferred to an iPhone.

If you’re wondering why Apple is trying to get people to switch, then the answer is simple. It is more than necessary for the tech giant to switch people because it is the only way Apple will grow their market share in the smartphone market where Android currently reigns.