A Restaurant In An Actual Plane Is Now A Reality In Karachi

If you’ve ever wanted to have a lavish dinner experience inside a Jumbo jet, your wishes are about to come true thanks to the Airport Security Force (ASF) Karachi. The ASF just had a brilliant idea to convert a jumbo jet into a lavish restaurant. The new restaurant has just been launched and is open to the public starting today in Karachi.

The airplane that has been converted used to belong to the Pakistan Air Lines who retired the plane in 2014 after it fell victim to a terrorist attack. Ever since 2014, the Boeing 747 AP-BFV has been used to train the security forces for potential terrorist activities.


But now some clever people at the ASF decided to move the jumbo jet to the old area of Karachi airport and completely rework its cabins to turn it into a restaurant.

Now the cabins look, unlike anything. They’re filled with exquisite sofas, seats, and tables, ready to serve customers. The environment has also been completely changed with remodeled¬†flooring and walls along with tons of new decorations on board.

Would you visit this unique restaurant?