Edhi Foundation And Coca Cola Join Hands For Ramadan Donation Campaign

The general manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan and Faisal Edhi joined hands together to start a new donation campaign during the month of Ramadan. The two met together on Wednesday to kick-start the venture which aims to drive maximum donations to Edhi Foundation through Coca-Cola.

Executives from Coca-Cola said that the company greatly respect the services of Abdul Sattar Edhi and his foundation. His legacy must be continued by making sure that a steady stream of donations is provided to the organization that has helped millions of Pakistanis.

The campaign will consist of a special bottle named the ‘Bottle of Change’. Once a customer buys the bottle a small percentage will be handed to the foundation.

One thing that sets this campaign apart from others is that Coca-Cola will be doubling the donations up to a limit of RS 25 million.

While Pakistanis have generously supported Edhi foundation throughout the year, Ramadan has always been traditionally the time when donations reach their peak.

With Coca-Cola running a special campaign, the company expects a steady stream of donations will be maintained.

Edhi passed away last year in Karachi due to renal failure. He lived most of his life with simplicity and modesty, helping others throughout his life by setting up the largest welfare organization in Pakistan and Coca-Cola wants to keep his legacy and mission alive.