Saba Qamar Is All Set To Play Qandeel Baloch In Biopic

The enthralling Saba Qamar is returning to Pakistani screens after her debut in Bollywood. According to reports, the starlet is all set to play Qandeel Baloch in an upcoming Biopic by Urdu1.

Apart from a couple of images and tantalizing hashtags by Saba, not much information is available on the biopic project yet. But this is quite a bold step for Saba Qamar to play as Qandeel Baloch (late) because of her controversial murder by her own brother. And even today Qandeel is often remembered with mix reactions from the Pakistani public.

The set of new photos by her reveal a great deal on her get up for the biopic, she is dressed a lot like Qandeel used to. The actress also got two new tattoos on her neck which read ‘work hard in silence, let success make the noise!’. On her pictures, she had written hashtags like !#sabaqamar #characterrole #Biopic#khi#rebel. This is enough indication to believe that she is indeed going to play Qandeel Baloch in the upcoming telefilm.

Qandeel Baloch rose to fame over the internet through her often raunchy videos and pictures. Her audience always had mixed reactions to her updates. While some of them were inspired by her boldness and confidence, others were enraged. She was silenced by her own brother who was one of those people who didn’t approve of Qandeel’s work.