How would you like to have a power bank that fits in your wallet?

Have you often found yourself running out of juice on your phone when you are out of home? We’ve all been there and there is already a solution in the form of power banks available. No matter how useful power banks are, one thing that is universally inconvenient about them is their size and weight.

Carrying a power bank the size of a brick can often create a lot of problems, especially the extra carrying weight and size in the pocket.

But one Pakistani has come up with an ultimate solution to help you get rid of the universal inconvenience that comes with all power banks; size and weight.

Pakistani Entrepreneur Hamza Ansar, the founder of Innovation 101  has developed a power bank that can fit in your wallet and he calls it the ‘PRSRV’.

The PRSRV is essentially a massive battery fit in a small box that also has an ejectable credit card shaped mini battery that can easily fit into your wallet.

The concept is simple, the credit card shaped battery can be detached from the main unit and can be kept in your wallet or pocket for an emergency charge when you need it most without ever worrying about the size or weight.

Although the ejectable battery has limited power, it is best suited for someone who isn’t going out on a long trip but still needs a backup battery.

The PRSRV is also very intelligent when it is charging your phone. It can act as a charging dock for your phone to prevent overcharge. The concept is simple, once your phone is completely charged, the power bank intelligently stops the electricity supply to the phone and instead starts preserving the charge for itself.

Innovation 101, the company behind PRSRV is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. They have already raised $60,795 out of the required $25,000 total.

Once launched, PRSRV will be available for $99.

Team Innovation consists of Zouhair Khaliq, Parvez Abbasi, and Hamza Ansar.