Like Nando’s? Then You’ll Love Galito’s – Flame Grilled Chicken in Lahore

Flame grilled chicken lovers, if you haven’t been to this new restaurant in Lahore yet, you’re missing out on something big. Galito’s, a South African flame-grilled chicken chain has just landed in Pakistan with a commitment to serve pleasure seekers with the best tasting grilled chicken in Pakistan with affordability in mind.

Galito’s was brought to Pakistan by a family living in Abu Dhabi. Being abroad for nearly 22 years in pursuit of careers, the family decided to invest back to their country. They were all regular customers of Nando’s until they tried out Galito’s and preferred it because the restaurant focuses more on fresh and natural ingredients, which makes the food taste just like home made.

Galito’s is a welcome addition to Pakistan since it serves signature flame-grilled chicken with various hot sauces. Apart from Nando’s, there really weren’t any other specialty flame grilled chicken restaurants.

Galito’s is quite affordable and offers better taste than you’d get from Nando’s otherwise.

One of Galito’s specialties is the Chicken and Prawn Espetada. If you like Espetada, you’ll love Combotada. Combotada is Galito’s specialty, it is served with a combination of two skewers. You could either opt two chicken skewers, two prawn skewers or a combination of Chicken and Prawns.

Their menu extends to more than just flame grilled chicken. They also offers pizzas, burgers, wraps, soups and salads.

Galito’s have tons of deals available for students and families. For new deals and other discounts, be sure to check their Facebook page and website.

More About Galito’s and their Exclusive Deals.

Galito’s was founded in 1996 in South Africa. Because of its unique taste and blend, it has spread out to places in Africa and also to Canada, Middle East, and India. Their Mission is to “Rule the Roost” by giving the customer an honest down to earth meal that they can trust.

The restaurant uses fresh chicken, not frozen, and high quality produces shipped in daily, which Germishuys says is important. “It’s healthy food,” he says. “There are no additives or preservatives. It’s all freshly done. We make our own marinades. The spices come from South Africa and our garlic comes from India because it’s the most pungent garlic. No essence or extracts. It’s hard work.”

Chefs make the marinade from scratch, rub it on the chicken and let it marinate for at least 24 hours. It then gets thrown on an open flame grill. The fat from the skin melts away, which keeps the chicken low in fat and full of flavor.

The menu includes Galito’s famous peri peri chicken, of course, as well as platters, chicken burgers and signature specials that include espetada, a Portuguese specialty of shrimp/chicken skewers, chicken livers and chicken satay with peri nut dip. There’s also a range of soups, salads and notable sides such as the sweet potato fries and the moreish chili beans. The kids’ menu is a refreshing alternative to typical restaurants. Try the burger-izza – a pizza-style open burger with chunks of chicken covered in melted cheese – or the chicken and cheese pockets.

Galito’s also boasts an open kitchen, allowing the opportunity to watch the chefs as they work, and is easy on the wallet – two people can easily eat here for PKR1200.

The restaurant itself looks very funky and inviting. The walls feature interesting artifacts from the brand’s South African heritage as well as quirky little Galito anecdotes to cleverly summarize the brand values and offerings.

Galito’s bases its menu offerings on traditional home-cooking, and the brand stands by its promise to use only fresh, natural ingredients. The manager on duty explained to me that unlike other food chains that have expanded rapidly over the years with mass-production of food created under commercial practices, Galito’s prefers to take it slow and easy and continue with its stance at offering the freshest of dishes at very family-friendly prices.

Galito’s – Flame Grilled Chicken Location

Galito’s has opened its first branch in Lahore, Pakistan. You can visit them at 6-A 3 Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road, Gulberg III. The family plans to open more branches across Pakistan in the near future.