This Library In Germany Is A Heaven For Bookworms

The beautiful public library in the city of Stuttgart, Germany is a literal heaven for bookworms. The library is called Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart and is distinguishable with it’s unique physical presence which incorporates a cube-like design with minimalist white interior.

The library was inaugurated on October 21, 2011. The architectural firm, Yi Architects deisnged it after winning a competition for the project in 1999. The photographs below look like they come from a computer generated rendering of a futuristic place, but its actually the library’s interior.

The 9 story high library is nothing but pure one stop shop for book lovers. It features a multi-floor reading space with a glass ceiling which helps light up the library during the day time.

The site for the library was chosen as Mailänder Platz because it is an area that was decided to become the future city centre growing out from the point where the library is situated.

When designing the library, the architects chose to represent the importance of this cultural center by physically expressing it via their design.

The gallary hall consists of 5 floors that is surrounded by book shelves on every corner.

The design of the library will no doubt go down in history as one of the most beautiful architectural achievement.