Khalid Malik Is Making A Comeback To Radio

Only two months ago Khalid Malik announced his retirement from the popular Breakfast Show on FM 89 through an emotional message. Khalid Malik had been hosting the Breakfast show on FM 89 for over 10 years. The news of him retiring from the show was both shocking and sad for those who were a fan of his for the past decade.

But now the man you have loved for so many years is all set to make his comeback on FM 91.

For the past couple of weeks, FM 91 was teasing a new early morning show. Today the teasing finally end when FM 91 announced Khalid Malik’s Morning Jam, a new breakfast show which will air from Monday – Friday 7-11 AM starting from May 1st.

With his sudden shift from one radio station to another, we’re all wondering what really happened that made him retire in the first place. Unfortunately, Khalid Malik has kept really quiet about it. But just like you, we’re pretty sure there were at least some differences involved.

For those of you who do not know about Khalid Malik, he one of the most popular RJs who hosted The Breakfast Show on FM 89 for the past 10 years. He retired from the show on 10th of February 2017.

Khalid Malik had become somewhat of a champion for those who had eagerly waited every morning to hear his voice while being stuck in traffic heading towards their destination.

With him returning to radio, our mornings will once again return to their former glory filled with Khalid’s voice.