For just Rs 900, now you can travel in complete luxury to and from Islamabad-Lahore

Faisal movers, one of the most renowned and trusted bus service in Pakistan has just announced a price drop for their luxury bus service. The luxury bus service was launched last month but due to intense competition, the bus service was not a success.

To fight back the competition and gain some market share, Faisal movers has announced a very resonable fare for its Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa route. Now passengers can avail amazing features for just Rs 900.

The luxury bus service by Faisal movers has many salient features that will keep you comfortable and busy during the 4 hour or so journey through the two cities.

For every passenger, sofa seats are available that can reclien to give maximum comfort, plus the bus also has a video on demand system installed in front of every single seat. You will also get refreshment services on the way as well charging docks to charge your phones and mobiles. High-Speed internet is also made available for all passengers traveling on the bus.

Faisal Movers luxury bus is definitely give tough time to its competition especially that now it is quite affordable.

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