Islamabadi Cyclists Come to the Rescue of Old Hit-and-run Victim

A few days ago an incident of hit and run happened in Islamabad where a Suzuki Bolan hit an old man riding a cycle on Agha Shahi Road next to F-9 Park and instead of getting out to help the driver sped away leaving the man on the road with injuries. The accident took place near Fatima Jinnah Park in the early morning when the roads are empty and irresponsible driving is often seen.

At the time of the accident, a few of the cyclists from the Facebook cyclists group ‘Critical Mass Islamabad’, were present and witnessed how the old man was hit and left behind with head injuries.┬áThe cyclists immediately communicated the details of the accident to police officials and thanks to the personal interest shown by Ashraf Siddiqui, DG Legal NACTA the police quickly investigated and tracked the car.

The Bolan that had hit the old man had left behind a piece of its number plate which helped the police find the hit and run driver by acquiring his details through the smart cameras installed everywhere in Islamabad.

The police after running their checks finally found that the Suzuki Bolan had been acquired through a bank. They then received the particulars of the owner from the bank and traced him and confiscated his vehicle and made him meet with the injured’s relatives. He agreed to pay PKR 25,000 in compensation. The matter has been patched through mutual agreement.

This real-life story shows that when citizens play their part in helping the police, the results are not only swift but are also positive.

The cyclists of ‘Critical Mass Islamabad‘ has set up an example for all of us living in Islamabad and across Pakistan. Whenever you see such an incident, make sure to play your part and inform the police so quick and effective action is taken.

Source: Zehra Kamal