Watch: Couple Of International Wrestlers Have Already Reached Pakistan

Around 25 international wrestlers including former stars from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are headed to Pakistan in May.

The wrestlers will take part in a wrestling event that will span three shows across three major cities of Pakistan.

A pre-launch ceremony of the wrestling event took place in Movenpick Karachi yesterday where likes of Tiny Iron (USA), Yacine Osmani (Algeria), Flesh Gordon (France) and Badshah Khan (USA/Pakistan) were present.

The wrestling event is being organized by Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE). The first show will take place in May and the others will follow shortly after.

Along with three shows, PWE also intends to start an academy where they will train Pakistani’s who are interested in professional wrestling.

Tiny Iron is amongst a couple of wrestlers who have already arrived in Pakistan to take part in the pre-launch ceremony. He and the PWE team were invited to a local news channel for an interview.

There Tiny Iron said that Pakistan was definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. He also said that the Pakistani people are very generous and hospitable folk.

The purpose of PWE’s wrestling event is to bring more international sporting events to Pakistan. Wrestling is already one of the top sports Pakistani’s enjoy watching. Unfortunately, it is also the only sport that Pakistan have never witnessed Live.

PWE is currently finalizing the dates of the event and the list of wrestlers that will take part in the event.