Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami teams up with Grammy Award winner for a new album

Music fans, here is an exciting development for you. The Pakistani classical music maestro, Ustad Naseeruddin Saami is teaming up with Ian Brennan, an Irish American producer to work on a multi-CD project.

Ian Brennan won a Grammy Award in 2011 for Best World Music Album produced. Whereas Ustad Naseeruddin is a well-known world-class vocalist from Pakistan.

The collaboration between the two giants was made possible by Saami’s students Ali Sethi. He is a young singer from Pakistan who sharpened his skills in music under Saami. He was the one who contacted Ian Brennen for a collaboration after he heard his work on the album that won him a Grammy.

Ali Sethi

The collaboration will allow Saami’s music to capture a wider audience beyond Pakistan. The students of music maestro believe that Brennen and Saami perfectly suit each other in terms of musical harmony.

Both Brennen and Saami have already been introduced to each other over a Skype video call. They are now going to meet later this year and begin the recording for a multi-CD project which will help the classical music maestro reach new audiences and perform at international performances.