Umair Jaswal Is All Set To Release His First Solo Album

A lot of you may know Umair Jaswal from his Coke Studio appearances, but the singer-songwriter has actually been around for quite some time now. Jaswal started out with ‘Silversmoke’ a rock band as a vocalist.

He later on formed ‘Qayaas’ with rock and roll maestros such as Khurram Waqar and Sarmad Ghafoor. The band went on to release an album and secured a couple of awards internationally before it was disbanded.

Umair Jaswal rose to fame when he recorded ‘Sami Meri War’ with Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch in Coke Studio Season 8. The song has over 16 million views on youtube alone. He became one of the most sought out music celebrities in the country but has never released a solo album.

But this is about to change. Umair Jaswal has announced that he is working on a solo album with Sarmad Ghafoor. His first solo venture will be nothing like ‘Qayaas’. Umair has promised that he’s doing the solo album for his fans, which essentially means that everyone will find something to listen to.

“This is my first solo album; it’s very close to my heart and it sounds nothing like Qayaas, It’s been a decade of music for me and the album comprises songs that I wrote for myself and the songs that never made it to the Qayaas album (Uss Paar) because of their simple structures. I want to make music for my fans and I’ll try to have something for everyone in there. Some of the tracks on the record are at least 10-11 years old so it’s coming from a raw and pure place.”

Jaswal revealed that the album will contain never before heard songs that he wrote 10-11 years ago but never released or performed them anywhere. The work on the solo album is halfway through and is planned to be released in Fall 2017. He will also be releasing music videos which will start airing on music channels after Eid-ul-Fitr.