Meet The Doctor Who Performs Surgery On Children’s Stuffed Toys

Children are extremely delicate and have an abundant fear when going through a surgery. In a hospital in the United States, doctors are going out of their way to eradicate fear in a child’s heart by doing something very unusual.

A doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin performs surgery on stuffed animals of his child patients to help them feel less lonely when they come in for surgery.

Video courtesy: NowThisNews

Whether it’s stitching up their favorite toy or dressing up as their favorite character, we know how to make children feel better – Dr. Travis Groth

A picture of him performing invasive surgery on a young boy’s stuffed toy recently went viral over the internet. After performing surgery on the child, the doctor gave extra time and effort to stitch the child’s toy.

Children are, you know, very attached to their toys. Surgery or any kind of procedure in a hospital setting is very stressful. It allows them to relate to somebody, and I think it helps with their recovery.


Dr. Groth says this isn’t a very unusual procedure because there are a lot of kids that bring their toys with them when they arrive for any kind of treatment at the hospital. He tries to fix every child’s stuffed animal to help them feel safe.

When my daughter was at children’s for getting her broken leg set. Her stuffed animal also came out with a cast on his leg. ♡children’s. – mothor of child patient

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is setting an example for the world to follow and it certainly something we can easily implement in Pakistani children hospitals.