‘The Longest Building in the World’ set to change New York’s Skyline

Dubbed ‘the longest building in the world’ titled ‘The Big Bend’, Oiio studio has unveiled its designs to change the Skyline of Manhattan forever as a response to the area’s expensive zoning laws. It’s imagined to be built on ‘Billionaire’s Row’ on the 57th Street inside New York City and boy is it a sight to behold!

This is an artist’s rendering of course but it’s being taken seriously by people all over and could soon be a reality in the busiest city in the world.We can’t get over how weird and amazing and scary and everything in between it will look at the same time! The building in order to function the way the designers want would have to have a never-before-seen horizontal and vertical elevator system Yes, the elevators will go up and down and left and right and in curves! It’s a concept and design that has never been seen before

The longest building in the world

No, you can’t see the top because it’s just so big! Even though it won’t be the tallest building, it will come near and will certainly be the longest one.

The structure will stand out and be huge without worrying about the architectural limits that come with increasingly tall structures In case you’re wondering, New York already has some of the highest buildings in the world.

Well, we certainly can’t think of a single person that won’t notice this sight! We at trending would certainly pay to see this piece of magnificent architecture and maybe take a ride on the new cool elevators. Once this happens it will truly become one of the icons of New York City and will capture the imagination of millions. We wonder, however, who will be the people brave enough to have offices right at the very top.