Karachi Is About To Get An Exclusive Taxi Service For Women

Paxi a ride-hailing service is making history in Pakistan by introducing ‘The Pink Taxi’ service that is driven by women and is available only to women.

Paxi has already launched it’s bike hailing services in Karachi and plans to launch full taxi services on the 23rd of March. But they’re starting with their pink taxi first.

The chief executive of  Paxi, Zahid Sheikh confirmed that Karachi will be able to avail the services of the women only taxis starting tomorrow.

The taxi will be driven by women and will only be available for the women. The company will launch with 10 taxis under their fleet.

In a large city like Karachi, traveling the vicinity has always been an issue for women because of reports of frequent harassing on local taxi services. With taxis that are exclusively for women, this common problem will be countered.

Plus it will also give women a means to earn a living because the company will only employ women drivers to drive the taxis.

The first 10 drivers for the company are extremely excited to be a part of the project. These women have also gone through self-defense training in case of emergencies.

Besides an app, we’re also setting up a call centre, where customers can call and book a ride

Women will be able to order a ride through calling on a number or through using the mobile application of the service. And if that is not enough, Paxi will also allow it’s customers to hail a road while on the road.

Paxi has made sure their vehicles are easily recognizable so customers can grab a ride whenever they find it on the roads.

While other ride-hailing services like Careem have already introduced women taxi drivers onto their fleet, Paxi differentiates itself by only catering the female customers.