Google and Levi’s New Smart Jacket Will Let You Control Your Phone By Touching The Sleeves

Google has just partnered with Levis to release their newest wearable technology which will be heading to retail stores later this year.

The Google Project Jacquard was a technology the company showcased in 2015. This technology would basically allow the company to turn objects into smart and interactive wearables.

The engineers on the project were able to identify that structures on a textile have the same features of a touch screen. This is how they were able to make the jacket receive touch feedback from the fingers or hands.

The left sleeve of the Jacquard will basically have woven touch panels that will allow users to pair their smartphone with the jacket.

From there on, users will be able to connect and control a variety of different features available on their smartphones such as controlling music, turning navigation system on and receiving phone calls on the go.

The jacket is being designed with bikers in the mind. The jacket will be extremely useful for bikers because they face difficulty in operating their phone while riding the bike.

Google has added a small battery on a tag installed over the sleeve. This battery will last around two days.

The Levi Commuter x Jacquard will be available at the end of this year for a price of $350. Google hasn’t yet announced where it plans to launch the jacket first.