Following the Pakistan Cricket Team’s West Indies Tour Through Wahab Riaz’s Eyes

Recently Wahab Riaz’s Snapchat story what the Pakistani Cricket Team got up to while leaving for the West Indies tour at the airport went viral. It is hilarious to watch and refreshing to notice how these cricketers pretty much get to all the fun things we get up to while with our friends. Watch the video below.

The Snapchat Story

The video is full of hilarious moments and funny tidbits and jokes from the other cricketers that you see sprinkled all over the video. It’s a side to the cricketers that we never get to see on television or on big sports channels like ESPN and Ten Sports.

Hafeez Bhai had some achi and new advice to share as well

The naya kaptaan

If you listen closely to this bit Wahab is being a wee bit sarcastic on this bit of the video. But the naya kaptaan is more optimistic and takes it all in good stride.

And of course, Shoaib Malik’s ‘very different’ bag and the reasons behind it being so unique

You can follow Wahab Riaz on Snapchat at wahabviki & and on Twitter at @WahabViki

As always the video is worth the watch and shows what these Pakistani cricketers get to behind the cameras in a more candid setting. Many of these cricketer’s accounts are worth following to see them up close and personal with the people around them. Some of the famous social accounts of players from current team who post regularly are

  • Wahab Riaz’s Snapchat here ,
  • Mohammad Hafeez’s twitter account can be found here.
  • The charismatic Shoaib Malik tweets here.

However, it seems a real hilarious Snapchat account belongs to only one cricketer: the one and only Wahab Riaz.